The Bonfire Wine Pouch (or Bag), we don't judge.

We constantly search for new and innovative technologies that allow us to create a unique wine drinking experience. But wine in a pouch? We know what you are thinking. Believe us, the wine is absolutely delicious and has a number of benefits bottles don’t offer.


Share it

Sometimes one bottle of wine just isn’t enough.  Each Bonfire Wine Pouch™ holds the equivalent of two bottles of wine.  Show your friends and family you care by sharing Bonfire wines.


Fresh is best

The Bonfire Wine Pouch™ protects natural flavors using several layers of high performance FDA approved (BPA free) materials designed to preserve the quality and care that goes into crafting each Bonfire wine.  As you pour, the package deflates, minimizing exposure to oxygen and extending the freshness up to four weeks after opening

Let the tap flow

After your first pour using the Bonfire wine tap, you will see why we love this package so much!  The ergonomic tap design is easy to use and share.  To pour, first remove the protective tamper-evident seal.  Then, depress the valve located on the top of the tap.