Why the name Bonfire?

When sitting around a real bonfire, who are you with? Friends and family most likely - and you are usually sharing food or drinks, right? The Bonfire wine pouch makes sharing wine very easy - so our name carries the notion that you will always have a "bonfire" to sit around and enjoy wine with friends and family.


What makes the Bonfire Wines pouch different? 

There are several great benefits to being in a pouch versus a bottle:

1) After you open the wines, they stay fresh for up to a month because air does not get inside. Oxygen is the enemy to wine.

2) The packages are 80% less carbon footprint; meaning they create less green-house gas emissions by using less energy when being manufactured

3) The pouch will not break and is lightweight

4) You do not need a corkscrew. Simply depress the tap and fill your glass.

5) There are two bottles of wine in each pouch, because we know one is never enough!

What is the Bonfire wine pouch made of?

Our wine pouch is made of FDA approved and BPA free flexible plastic materials that do not impart any off-flavors in to our wines. The materials are specially designed to preserve the flavors and quality that goes in to crafting each of our wines.

Where are your wines from? 

We work with several premium grape growers in California. Most of our growers practice sustainable farming like limited water usage and cover crops that add nutrients to the soil without fertilizers.

What is the year? What is the vintage?

Our wines are non-vintage. What's more important is that our wines stay consistent over time.

Will you be coming out with other varietals or other wines?

Definitely! As we grow, we will be introducing new varietals. Please let us know what which wines you would like to see in our wine pouch. Twitter @drinkbonfire | #drinkbonfire

Does the pouch keep the wine cold for extended period of time? Longer than bottle?

The pouch chills 65% faster than a bottle.  However, the pouch does not keep the wine colder for longer than a bottle. 

How well do they travel in a suitcase?

 We never leave for the airport without Bonfire Wines in our suitcase! So needless to say, as long as you check your bag, you will be all set to take your Bonfire Wines on your next adventure.

What retailers carry these? Where can I get these?

Please visit our product locator and search for Bonfire by zip code. If Bonfire is not sold in your area, you may try ordering online.

Your packaging is sustainable, does that mean your wine is organic?

The terms "sustainable" and "organic" are two very different things. Our wines are not organic but our package is sustainable. Sustainability refers to the reduction of green-house gas emissions (carbon footprint) that a product creates throughout its lifecycle. Organic refers to eliminating the use of pesticides or growth-hormones in the growing process and requires special label certification.

Do they float?

 Yes, they float!


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