Do More With Less™

We believe in creating value by using less of everything – like less material, waste, and resources. We can all Do More With Less!

Our challenge is to make sure every product we create has a smaller impact on the earth. We are COMMITTED to reducing our waste, energy, and water usage in our processes and packaging materials.
— Eric Steigelman, Founder

Our Wines

Bonfire Wines’ growers use sustainable practices like, cover crops to add nitrates to the soil without fertilizer, no over-watering of vines to reduce water usage, and “hold-backs” that preserve of the vineyard’s natural wildlife habitat.

Our packaging

Bonfire’s Packaging is 80% less carbon footprint than glass. Each container of pouches shipped to our winery, saves 14 truckloads of glass bottles from the road. Bonfire Wines packaging is 98% less waste than glass.

One truckload of pouches shipped to our winery saves 14 truckloads of glass bottles.
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Each wine pouch is 98% less weight than the equivalent glass bottle

Is the Bonfire Pouch recyclable?
Although only recyclable in some US facilities, compared to glass, the Bonfire Wines Pouch is more sustainable than glass. Unfortunately, only 20% of US consumers recycle their glass. The Bonfire Wines Pouch uses far less energy to manufacture than glass and has an overall package lifecycle that is less wasteful.
Is the Bonfire Pouch biodegradable?
The Bonfire Wines Pouch is not biodegradable. Packaging that is biodegradable uses plant-based polymers which are not effective in protecting the shelf life or care that goes in to crafting our wines. We hope that the technology will soon be available to allow the Bonfire Wines Pouch to use biodegradable packaging.

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