We craft premium wines farmed from California vineyards and packaged in our award-winning convenient and sustainable wine pouch.


We live for the “Bonfire” experiences in life – like doing the things you love and sharing moments with friends and family.  Bonfire experiences can happen at any time, because life does not wait and neither do you.

Founder + CEO Eric Steigelman


Features + Benefits


But wine in a pouch? We know what you are thinking. Believe us, it’s absolutely delicious and has a number of benefits bottles don’t offer.


give back with a water vest


Made from the same materials as our wine pouch, we designed and created the world’s first water vest made for safe transport of clean drinking water.


the story of 9's

1 out of 9 people lack access to clean drinking water.
Each case of Bonfire Wines holds 9 liters of wine.
Each water vest holds 9 liters of water.

For every case of Bonfire Wines sold, we donate proceeds to make a water vest for someone in need.


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